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1. About

This wiki is provided for a scratch and overview of the actual implementation. This wiki page does not, in any circumstance, must be taken liable for actual and full implementation guide. A help file is provided with the source named as "Documentation.chm" that contains all necessary definition and examples of classes, methods, etc. Please refer to the documentation for reliable use.


2. Installing/Usage

For out-of-the-box experience, directly

  1.  download it.
  2.  Refer the _README.html file and create the DATABASE and TABLE.
  3. Change Connection parameters in the source class file.
  4. Compile, debug and when you see the source, enjoy the magic. ;)

3. Example

Assuming you have downloaded, referenced and setup database of your project with AppGauge, you can easily manage your own application as:

Step 1: Create a Model


//Create a Table Model that inherits BaseRecord
public class Book:BaseRecord
   public Book()
      string[] cols={"bookId","bookName","bookPrice"};  //Table Columns
      Columns=cols; //Column Initialization

Step 2: Use the Model
//Manipulate the table object from aspx.cs file
Book book=new Book();

//Insert a new book
//TextBox1 gets Book Name,TextBox2 gets Price.
book.Insert(new string[] { TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text });

//Editing a Book
//TextBox3 Holds the BookId.
book.Update(new string[] { TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text }, TextBox3.Text);

//Deleting a Book


4. Help file

Full Documentation is attached at the top of this page as well as in the source code as Documentation.chm in DOCS folder.

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abhishekdeb May 28, 2013 at 7:15 AM 
NOTE: Some people reported me that the Documentation.chm file is showing nothing after they are downloading. The Documentation file is valid and correct. Since you are downloading it over internet, it blocks the file for rendering by default. Just right click on the properties of the file and click UnBlock > Apply> OK. Now you can on it and it should display everything correctly.