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AppGauge is an Easy, Reliable, Secure and a developer-friendly ASP.NET Web Application Framework built on top of pull-based 3-Tier Architecture. What makes AppGauge different from other frameworks is that it has a very easy learning curve. So, instead of learning a new framework, with a very little training, developers can use AppGauge Out-of-the-Box.


  • Very Easy
  • Secure, Code Optimization for Fast execution
  • Full Documentation (Tutorials coming soon)
  • For Developers, by Developers - Active Development Network


  • ORM
  • Account Management
  • Code Generator [partial]
  • Strong foundation and guideline of application development
  • Full Documentation
  • Security Modules
  • State Maintenance Modules
  • Debug Modules
  • Messaging Modules [Needs Work]
  • Extensibility for Desktop and Mobile Application Support

Wish List

  • Full Code Generator for Web-Form and BAL and DAL files( Add-in Preferred )
  • MySQL and Oracle Support ( Needs only changing 1 file)
  • Video Tutorial
  • PDF Step-by-Step ebook
  • Standardization Document
  • Re-Captcha Integration
  • Sample Applications
  • More Security Options
  • Blogs and Articles
  • ... more @

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